Web3 Games

In these games, $BLA is used. Awards are also given as $BLA.

Wheel Of Fortune – $BLA

Wheel of Fortune, one of the most recognizable games of chance in the world, is now in crypto. You can buy 3-5 or 10 tickets right away and try your luck.

Note: You must Approve before buying a ticket.

Monthly $BLA Lottery

Every month we will have a lottery and the draw will be on the last day of each month. Don’t miss your chance and participate !!!

CellArt; The NFT-based game.
This game is intended to bring the BLA community together and give them chances to be part of an NFT creation by building it pixel by pixel. First, Connect your wallet to our app and be sure you are on Binance Smart Chain. Then select an empty cell. Pick your favorite color and approve that you have enough fee in your wallet. After the approval click the paint button and get an amount of BNB according to the number of cells that you painted after the smart contract selling.
There are four thousand of cells in the smart contract. After all of them are filled, the smart contract will be on the market as an NFT.

Previous version apps

New Year’s Lottery – Ticket sales are closed. The prize has been sent to the winner of the draw.

Blueart Token (BLA) Lottery kicks off with 2023 new year celebrations. From this date on, a new lottery will be held every month. The grand prize collected will be sent to the lucky winner in a fair draw.

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