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Why you should choose BlueArt
It is always beside the arts with its support of digital exhibitions, curation and education-logistics etc.

We are building a metaverse that will bring the world of visual arts to the blockchain network. BlueArt will organize exhibitions on Metaverse with famous names from the painting and animation spheres. We have implemented an ecosystem that will also create opportunities for new and promising artists to be recognized.

Users on the BlueArt platform can buy and sell unique digital items such as artwork, game items and more in the form of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). Our platform is designed for easy and enjoyable use with its advanced category, filtering features and always renewıng user interface.

BlueArt Token, on the other hand, is designed as a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 88 million units. It is technically impossible to increase the BlueArt Token supply as this feature has been canceled in the smart contract. Maximum Supply will decrease continuously with regular manual burning.


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BLA Token
Some features of BlueArt Token (BLA)

Discover, collect and sell few and rare NFTs

The most artistic NFT marketplace on the BSC network
Token sale term
  • Name:Cryption
  • Fixed Limit:30,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap:3,000,000 USD
  • Exchange:1 ETH = 2,500 CRN
  • Currency:ETH, BTC
  • Min Purchase:0.1 ETH / 250 CRN
  • Starts:December 5 (9:00 AM)
  • Ends:February 28 (11:59 PM)
sold CRN tokens
sold CRN tokens
sold CRN tokens
sold CRN tokens
1 CRN = 0.0012 BTC
Token distribution
Marketing & Community 5%
Cex List 15%
Team & Founder 15%
Trade Rewards 40%
Liquidity 16%
Ecosystem 9%

Marketing & Community Wallet : 0x8674042b2AE2db3F1eeC5F00f6b620dEbe294832

Cex List Wallet (Locked) : 0xbe3B68eB01d0f61a446185370354589a1d279AaE

Team & Founder (Locked) : 0xDcc00A1eE59D85431982fFC6732F04043B6aC9d1

Trade Rewards Wallet (Locked) : 0x09aB90CC5caF8f9b9504c0162F458f1287f152f7

Liquidity Wallet : 0x326B2d7B6BA7df39B105a8D43c0D4C7386aCb159

Ecosystem Wallet (Locked) : 0x1E70C1bffcC7Efaef9Ebb906ad85e910F64a3D1C

Locked Token Verification :

Locked Liquidity Verification :


Our Strategy and Project Plan
Phase #1

✅ Social media formation
✅ Marketing in the local and global market
✅ Creating smart contract
✅ Launch of BlueArt.IO NFT marketplace
✅ Audit and KYC
✅ Community and social growth
✅ Listing on CMC
✅ Listing  in CG
✅ Relinquish ownership
✅ Listing on 4 CEX exchanges
✅ Ethereum Bridge creation and testing
✅ Trustwallet and Metamask price+logo updates
✅ Token & NFT Airdrops
✅ Staking app on website
✅ Lottery app on website

Phase #2

✧ Continuing to market worldwide
✧ Listing additional 2 more CEXs
✧ 15,000 SMU and 15,000 holders
✧ Beginning the construction of the BLA Farm NFT Game
✧ Getting started with the art house Metaverse software
✧ Launch of small games like Wheel of Fortune and Dice for which tokens are earned
✧ Partnership agreements
✧ Opening the Uniswap pool
✧ Distributing a token with Baby BLA features as a reward
✧ Partnership agreements
✧ Events to increase NFT sales and popularize the market.

Phase #3

✧ CerTik inspection
✧ Tier 2 CEX listing
✧ Partnerships with marketing agencies
✧ 2M SMU and 30,000 holders
✧ Continue to market worldwide
✧ Sponsorship Agreements
✧ Launch of BLA Farm NFT Game
✧ Keep improving the new games
✧ Metaverse will continue to be developed
✧ Ethereum Chain Launch
✧ To be among the top 1000 tokens
✧ Donations
✧ Billboard ads

Phase #4

✧ Tier 1 CEX listing
✧ Launch of our mobile app
✧ 2M SMU and 100,000 Holders
✧ Billboard ads
✧ Partnership agreements with Football, Horseracing and sports clubs in the field of NFT
✧ Updating the games
✧ Updating the roadmap
✧ Organizing physical NFT exhibitions in major cities of the world
✧ Increasing sales of physical artworks


You can access downloadable files such as our open source codes, white papers, logos required for the press, and Privacy agreements from this area.

Frequently Questions

Our software team is working on BlueArt Metaverse platform. It will consist of 4 parts as the main theme, these are:
* Games (Crypto supported mobile and desktop games)
* Visual arts (exhibitions)
* Music (concerts)
* Series and Film (original productions)

BlueArt company operates like a foundation. It regularly supports arts education institutions and humanitarian organizations.

* BLA contract and our team found eligible to be supported by BSC Chain

* Increasing the value of the token is not our only goal, we also want to make it suitable for use everywhere.

* We have a small but committed team.

* We work in a peaceful office, we calculated and separated all our expenses for almost 2 years based on the bear season.

* We’re ready for the worst, we’re ready for the best…

* There are not many NFT Markets running on the BSC network, our goal is to be the best in this network with affordable fees..

* First, we want to complete our Metaverse platform. We also have a 3D game. We will connect a Web3 wallet and receive our rewards as BLA.

* We are in contact with artists and galleries in the physical world; We will support the physical use of BLA.

* We will also organize international artistic and crypto-enabled events in some cities of Europe.

* We want to organize NFT fairs in several countries, we have experience with NFT fairs from Australia.

* And of course the most important part is promotion and marketing. You will see us in many cities, airports, social media ads.

* For trade; very soon we will be listed on 6 CEX (central) exchanges and of course PancakeSwap will always be open.

Although we are a small team trying to chart our own path right now; We would very much like it, investment in people is the most important value.

For now, only approved artists are featured, we want to set up a curatorial unit and keep supply limited. But please email us your artworks.

Our curatorial email address is [email protected]

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    Our community grows stronger every day. Please follow our social platforms to get the most up-to-date, accurate BLUEART information.
    If you want to reach us by e-mail, our official address : [email protected]
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